The Muesli Munch Mission


    Oatmeal is boring, granola is too sugary, and traditional muesli requires a day ahead preparation time. These are among the reasons Muesli Munch was formed, to create a breakfast cereal, which all Americans could enjoy. A cereal formed with nine wholesome ingredients in every blend to give a combination of great taste and nutritional benefits. We wanted our cereal crafted with only organic ingredients from nature, as all ingredients should be. Muesli Munch is not too sweet and has healthy fat content from nuts and seeds instead of cheap filler oils. It’s also a versatile cereal that can be served quick with cold milk or yogurt or hot just like oatmeal. Our blends are not only a substantial meal, but provide long lasting energy for the day.

    We use 100% whole grains, nuts and seeds to provide a fresh crispy taste, as opposed to many over baked granolas. Our passion and expertise is our small batch, hand crafted breakfast cereal blends, and we are all about quality over quantity. Unlike many food businesses corporations, which grow too fast, over expand their product line for marketing purposes, and diminish their original vision and quality as a result.

    Not here, not us, Sean’s Muesli Munch sole mission is to provide a select few, hand crafted top notch breakfast cereal blends, and only change with the tastes and preferences of our fans.

   In fact, due to overwhelming customer feedback we are already in the process of creating a gluten free Muesli Munch organic blend. So we are listening. Keep the good words coming. We want to hear your feedback.

   Cheers !  Sean